Alpha Manpowerlinks Agency Co. is a land-based recruitment agency and it is duly licensed by the Philippine Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) and the Philippine Overseas and Employment Administration (POEA).

Since its establishment, we have provided quality services for for Filipino professionals and skilled workers and have deployed over thousands of Filipino workers in the field of manufacturing, construction, agriculture, entertainment, healthcare, household assistance (domestic helpers), hospitality, IT and computer technology, and retail services to Brunei, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macau, Singapore and the United Arab Emirates.

We have also extended our market to Japan in various occupations and fields, including construction, manufacturing, agriculture, fishery, forestry, education, entertainment, computer and IT. Alpha is a recommended Sending Organization of TITP and an official member of the Association of the Philippine Licensed Agencies for Technical Intern Program (APLATIP), which is organized and maintained by the agencies dispatching Filipino technical intern trainees to Japan.

Our Mission

To provide world-class service and the best candidate to our FOREIGN EMPLOYERS with an objective of deploying successful candidates in the shortest possible time. It is part our mission to promote the principles of good working environment, just compensation, fair labor practice, and protection of the rights and privileges of Filipino workers here and abroad.

Our Vision

To be one of the best international recruitment agencies that will help in alleviating the lives of Filipinos. Through our effective recruitment strategies, we can be part of the Philippine Government’s campaign in producing more jobs to eradicate poverty in the country and help in bringing in dollars that will increase the government’s dollar reserve

Company Standards

Our commitment to our Foreign Employers is to conduct our recruitment activities in accordance with the Philippine laws and with full integrity and high degree of professionalism. Our staff is driven by quality, dedication and customer service in achieving our goals. We abide with the principles of innovation and perseverance. We are confident that we can provide world-class support to our present and future clients.